What is Healthy Weight Loss?

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

Article by Matt Davis

What is Healthy Weight Loss?
What is Healthy Weight Loss?It is simply losing those excess pounds, while keeping your body fit. The problem today is that many of the diet plans do not provide the right nutrients to make sure the body stays healthy, during and after the process of losing weight. So when you first decide to shed those excess pounds the right eating plan must be found.

Before Searching for Diet Plans

Before searching of diet plans to help you to weight loss success, you should set some goals. How much weight do you want to shed? Many times this can be overwhelming to you. Say you have 100 pounds to lose, this could seem like an undoable task. However, set smaller goals to work on to get to your final goal. Write all this down, but do not give yourself a tight timeline. Just work on losing 20 pounds at a time. Each time you reach another 20 go for the next 20. This will keep you motivated.

What Is Healthy WeightLoss Without The Proper Diet Plan

A healthy weightloss plan should contain food from all of the food groups. These food groups used to be listed on a pyramid but now this has been changed to a plate. You can see the new layout for the recommended dietary needs at http://www.choosemyplate.gov/. All the same food groups are listed as in the pyramid with the exception of oils. Oils are not a food group, but are essential to the functioning of the body. They should be the healthy variety such as olive oil and they should only be used sparingly. Let’s talk about the food groups to learn more about them and how they help weightloss success happen.

Healthy Weightloss Fruit

About one eighth of your dining plate should be fruits for healthy weight loss and your nutrition in general. These provide a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and other necessary nutrients. They are low in fat, but some can be high in natural sugars. So figure this in when planning your weekly menu. Fruits can also be eaten for a low-calorie snack. The fact that this food is both low in fat and calories make it perfect for a healthy weight loss plan.

Healthy Weightloss Vegetables

Vegetables along with fruits should make up a total of half your meal. This is about three eighths of the plate and is the recommended portion size for the vegetables. These are an important source of fiber and are low in calories and fat. They also provide the body with carbohydrates, water, vitamins (A, K, B6, C and more) and minerals (calcium, iron and more). Some of the vegetables such as beans can be a great source for protein. Eating vegetables is a very important part of healthy weight loss if you want total weight loss success.

Whole Grains for Healthy Weightloss

About three eighths of your plate should contain whole grains. Whole grains and products made from them are normally high with fiber. They make you feel fuller with less food than other foods. It takes longer to digest fiber, which means your appetite is easier to control. This makes you eat less and decreases your intake of calories. You can more quickly achieve weight loss success.

The whole grains also do not elevate the blood sugar like the processed grains will. When your blood sugar is elevated your body does not burn the glucose stores in the body, instead your body will store fat for later energy use. This could make you gain weight instead of lose it. So it is better for losing weight to keep blood sugar down at normal levels. Fiber makes the food move through the digestive tract faster. Therefore, less fat gets absorbed into your body and this leads to healthy weight loss.

Protein for Weightloss

Protein or to be exact lean protein should take up about one eighth of the plate. This could be lean beef, chicken, turkey, pork, certain fish, tofu or dried beans cooked up. The protein is vital for building muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat. However, this subject will be discussed further in the section on exercise. Just make sure to get enough protein in your daily diet for not just weight loss success, but also for the health of your muscles.

Weightloss With Dairy

If you are using milk to get your dairy then about 1 cup of it with your plate of food will do the trick. This will provide enough calcium for your body to have strong bones and help your metabolism rate be high enough to burn calories efficiently. You should have 2 servings of dairy each day for healthy weight loss.

The above are the food groups that should be included in a healthy weight loss effort. Remember use healthy oils sparingly too, because the body does need some of them for digestive processes to work like they should and for nutrition. Read on to find out What is healthy weight loss and how to achieve weight loss success.

Water Consumption for healthy Weightloss

Water helps to increase metabolism, hydrate the body and help flush toxins from your body. You need at least 48 to 64 ounces each day. Drink even more of it if you are sweating or working out. The healthy weight loss you so desire will be more easily attained through you drinking enough water.

What is Healthy Weight Loss Without Exercise?

Along with eating healthy you need to exercise to lose weight. Physical activity builds muscles, elevates your metabolism rate and even lifts your mood. All of these are important when trying to shed excess pounds.

Cardiovascular (cardio) exercises burn more calories than other types of exercises do and therefore should be performed to help with healthy weight loss. These exercises boost the metabolism, not only while you are performing them, but also for 1 to 2 days afterwards, this can lead to quicker weight loss success. Along with these though, you should also do resistance training or strength training. These types of training can be done on the days in between your cardio workouts. All these types of exercise will help build strong muscles too and muscle burn many more calories than fat does. This helps you accomplish healthy weight loss.

What is healthy weight loss Conclusion:

So just what is healthy weight loss? It is weight loss that is achieved simply through dedication and by following the correct diet and exercise regimen for your body type. Enjoy your new you.

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