Exercise to Lose Weight

Exercise to Lose Weight

Article by Matt Davis

Lose-weight-thru-exercise“We are told on a daily basis you must exercise to lose weight. In reality, it’s a lousy way to lose weight. To be sure, exercise brings all kinds of health benefits, however, weight loss, for the most part, isn’t one of them.
Let’s take a woman who walks for 30 minutes a day. At least three times a week seems to be the minimum suggested for weight control and weight loss. Considering that most people who want lose weight probably will exceed the minimum. Let’s take it to six days a week or twice the suggested amount. She will burn approximately 820 to 840 calories per week. Sounds good so far. But you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound. So she walks six days a week for a month to lose a pound. You can take the math out to a year and find a potential weight loss of 12 pounds. Yes adding resistance training will help since muscle mass tends to burn more calories.

Why won’t I lose weight with exercise?

There is one small problem. When a person begins an exercise to lose weight program; the body tries to compensate for this assault on its weight storage. This is a normal reaction by the body to protect us. The natural tendency is to kick up the appetite to make up for the calorie loss. Even if you can resist those demanding hunger pains, your body will try other ways to compensate. You may walk a little slower without realizing it, or you may just rest a little longer. These alone will eat up your gain on weight loss.
In a study at the University of Kansas in May of 2000, a group of overweight women walked 30 minutes a day, three times a week for 18 months. They lost, on average, 2.1% of their body weight. A second group took two brisk 15-minute walks, five days a week, for 18 months. They lost no weight. How demoralized might a person get when after twenty or thirty times in their life they have been disappointed with the results of yet another exercise alone program. That is when you hear a frustrated statement like “I’ll never exercise again!”

How about intense exercise to lose weight?

What if I do intense exercises? Well, a study presented at the American College of Spots Medicine in 2002, placed overweight students on treadmills for 45 minutes a day for five days a week. After 16 months women participants, on average, had gained more than a pound. Remember the built in body saver? It works! Men on averaged did better. They lost about ten pounds. However, they had to burn the caloric equivalent of 60 pounds to do it.
Just because exercise alone won’t make you thin doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise. All of the medical benefits of exercise aside, when combined with a good diet program, it will help you lose weight. Regular exercise will help the weight loss from coming back and, when combined with the proper diet program, greatly assist you to lose a little more weight in the same time frame.

Exercise to lose weight conclusion:

Remember, any exercise to lose weight program must be combined with a diet program or lifestyle change as well. Find a diet program you can live with and will help you achieve your goals. Find a friend, a mentor, and a coach or family member to follow this program with you or even just motivate you. All of the proceedings are important, but you are the key. You must want to win!

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