WeightLoss Motivation

WeightLoss Motivation

Article by Matt Davis

Weightloss Motivation“Motivation is the driving force behind achieving your goals. Without proper motivation, your goal is merely a dream. It matters little if the dream is to learn to fly, climb a mountain or lose weight. Motivation, in this case “Weightloss Motivation,” is the key to your success.

Incentive isn’t a physical thing; it is emotional and controlled by your mind. Do you remember Napolean Hill’s book “ Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 principles of Personal Achievement”? This book, along with the famous “Think and Grow Rich” is still considered the premier source for motivation and success. You can find the updated versions at Amazon.com.

Another motivational quick read, that was and still is, used in the training of sales personnel is “Johnathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach. It is a modern day version of “The Little Engine that could”. You will also find his step 2 book “Wings for soaring” taking motivation to the next level at Amazon.com. All three are excellent reads for weightloss motivation.

How To Achieve Weightloss Motivation

In working with my clients, I have found that it is much easier for them to become motivated through outside stimulus. The most successful seem to be the ones that use the buddy system in developing their incentive. The ones that use the buddy system, along with a shared quick read such as “Johnathan Livingston Seagull,” are the clients who are the most likely to develop and maintain the much-needed motivation for successful weightloss.

In effect, the motivational books are tools to help you modify your behavior. By modifying your behavior, you have channeled your dream of a new “skinny me” into a focal point for achievement. Emotion is an exceedingly robust part of achieving weightloss motivation. You need to lose weight. Before it is possible to change your behavior, you have to turn any unproductive negative thoughts into positive ones. Some of the very common excuses are; “I don’t have the time”-yes you do. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching the morning news, get out and take a half-hour walk. I have found that for most people, the morning news is depressive. You want, and need, to stay in a happy place. Diet is nothing more than a food and quantity choice. “But I don’t have the money.” In all likely hood, you may well save money thru weight loss. You may no longer need the medications that are so often prescribed because of being overweight.

How To Achieve WeightLoss Motivation

Weightloss motivation, and ultimately weight management, will come to you thru positively charged thoughts and feelings. Remember the Power of Positive thinking, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve”. You can now visualize your goal. This then is the beginning to weightloss motivation.

You now have your motivation for weightloss, but how do you keep it? You will have days that you just do not have the time to exercise or you’re in a place full of enticements that will blow your diet. Face it, it will happen. The key is just to accept that it is going to happen and see it as a small bump in the road and not a failure. Remember how happy you were when you began to see the pounds start to fall off? Put your mind back in that warm happy place. This is one of the reasons that the buddy system works so well—buddies discuss it and inspire each other. This also is the reason that so many diet programs include a mentor. It is the buddy system on a grand scale.

Weightloss Motivation Conclusions

Consider the benefits of losing those extra pounds. You will have more energy, be more cheerful and if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, you are probably taking medications which, with weightloss, may no longer be needed. Once you develop your personal motivation, follow proper diet guidelines and your exercise program, you are well on our way to a happier you. Think about how great it will be to shop for new clothing for the new you. Smile at all the new selections that are now available to you. All of this simply because you discovered and achieved the art of weightloss motivation.

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