Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Article by Matt Davis


Drinking Water To Lose Weight is more than just a slogan put forth by some exotic bottled water company. There is a library full of research demonstrating the importance of drinking water along with your exercise and diet plan.


Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

It is a sad fact that most people do not drink enough water. If you don’t, you are not alone. I didn’t and most of the friends that I have made in my quest to help people lose that spare tire or two, didn’t either.

How does drinking water for weight loss affect my body?


Water effects your body in many ways. A simple answer is that it flushes toxins from your body. However. We can dig a little deeper than that to figure out what really happens. Let’s start with the liver.


The liver metabolizes fat into energy. This we need it to do so that we can get into those skinny jeans we bought. Another set of workers that need help in our quest for weight loss are the kidneys. The Kidneys need lots of water to do their work. They are busy flushing toxins an waste from our bodies. If the kidneys do not get enough water, the liver must step in to help. As you know it is tough helping someone else while trying to do your own work. Nothing is completed on time and the fat ends up getting stored away in our spare tire. That is exactly what we don’t want.


How much water do I need a day?


The accepted standard today for drinking water for everyday living is eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. In addition you need another 8-ounces for every 25 or 30 pounds of extra weight you are carrying.


Whoa there, I can’t drink that much! Yes you can. Spread it throughout the day by drinking four or five large glasses of water spaced out during the day. Have sipping water handy in between. Drink steadily during the day. If you have cold water available that is even better. The body will burn additional calories warming the water after it enters your body. Warm or cold just drink it.


Won’t I start carrying more water weight?


If you have not been drinking enough water before, you are already carry water weight. Your body has probably been in what is called a survival mode for some time. When it doesn’t get enough water regularly, it will store water when it can so that it will survive what the body perceives as lean water times.


When you begin consuming the amounts of water your body needs, it will soon recognize that it is able to depend on the water source and start discarding the excess water. Our bodies are very complex and wonderful machines.


Water tastes bad! Coke or coffee tastes better


While it is probably true that Soda, Energy drinks and coffee are fluids and do taste better to some people, they also contain extra calories, sugars, caffeine and other additives that you don’t need right now. If water tastes bad to you, try a slice of lemon or line dropped in the glass. You may even try the flavored bottles of water-but read the labels. Also, keep in mind that you will be consuming quite a lot of these if that is the direction you wish to go.


Conclusion of Drinking Water To Lose Weight


When you drink all of the water you need, you will soon begin to notice things like your skin is becoming clearer, your muscle tone appears to be firmer and you will notice a decrease in appetite. These are but a few of added benefits of drinking water to lose weight.

Water Fasting to Lose Weight