Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips – Tips That You Can Actually Use

Article by Matt Davis

Our busy lives demand fast food service, instant frozen meals, little time for exercise and thus the need for quick weight loss tips. Unfortunately, the advancement of technology has brought, in many areas, a lack of motion in our daily lives. A rapidly increasing segment of our society now work glued to a computer monitor that is constantly feeding them information.

Many schools no longer have PE classes nor recess activities. Children get their entertainment, and in many cases, their education from some sort of computer screen. It seems to make sense since a large segment of them will spend their adult working lives in a seated position.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Many companies, government agencies and most insurance companies, are adjusting their health premiums by the health of their employees and subscribers. Premiums are lower for those with a lower BMI or those making an effort to stay more physically fit. This too makes sense since Actuary Tables, used by insurance companies, are very good predictors as to what health costs and life spans for individuals will be. Given all of this, it becomes obvious that weight loss and weight management are becoming a life long commitment. However, there is a place for quick weight loss.

Special occasions seem to pop up quite frequently. That wedding or special event that you’ve been aware of for months is suddenly just around the corner and you have to hurry to fit in that special dress or suit. Or maybe you want to start on a long-term weight loss program and would like to give it a kick-start to help you get motivated to make it to the finish line.

Here are a few Quick Weight Loss Tips to get you started. In addition, most of these tips should be implemented into your long-term plan.

A. Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

1.Drink Water. Leave the soda and energy drinks on the shelves and in their convenience store dispensers. Water suppresses your appetite and a glass before a meal tends to stop you from over indulging.

When not enough water is consumed on a daily basis, your kidneys, whose job it is to excrete waste from your body, slow down their work and pass that work onto your liver. One of your liver’s functions is to burn stored fat for energy and if you drink the average suggested amount of (8) 8 oz glasses per day the liver will be able to do its job. Many health experts suggest drinking one-half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water. This means that if you weigh 200 lbs., you should consume 100 ounces of water. That would be about (12) 8 oz glasses per day.  Make that cold water and, since your body burns fat to heat the water to your body temperature, you will potentially burn an additional 100 + calories a day.

2. Green Tea. Green Tea has long been known as a natural boost to your fat burning metabolism to increase weight loss. The drinking of 3 to 5 cups of Green Tea a day will burn approximately 35 to 40% more fat during the average day.

If you don’t have the time or wherewithal to make tea, then at least take a supplement that contains green tea extract.

3. Lower your consumption of alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol is the distilled or fermented product of natural foods and is mostly sugar. Just exactly what you don’t need when trying to quickly lose weight.

4. Consume natural vegetable juices. You can make your own if you have a juicer or purchase ready-made vegetable juices. Ready-made juices are not as healthy as your own fresh-juiced drinks because in the manufacturing process the vegetable are heated. This heating process loses some of the vitamins and nutrients. Be sure to check sugar and salt content on the nutritional label of any store purchased veggie juices.

When making your own fresh vegetable juices you can add back some of the pulp into your drink to provide fiber for your body.

5. It’s better to eat raw fruit instead of fruit juice because raw fruits contain more fiber and the juice will always contain more sugar than the actual fruit.

B. Eating For Quick Weight Loss

1.    Eat smaller meals and eat more frequently. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit down to dine 5 or more times a day. It simply means that you make your three main meal smaller portions (Hint: use smaller plates. It will visually look as though you are consuming more and it will help keep you from over eating.)
2.    The in-between meals can be things like fruit and a handful of almonds or walnuts or a low fat natural Greek yogurt. Something that can be eaten on the run. If you have the luxury of staying home, try a small salad or other fruits and veggies. Carrots and celery make great crunchy, satisfying snacks. Many times it the “crunch” we crave.
3.    Stick a fork in it. If a salad is your choice but just don’t like it with a vinegar and oil dressing or fresh lemon or lime juice, try putting some of your favorite dress in a small container and dip your fork into before fork your salad. You will still have the taste of your favorite dressing but a whole lot less of the calories.
4.    Eat raw fruits and veggies. Your body has to burn calories to break down raw fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables give you a longer lasting energy cycle at the same time making you feel fuller longer.
5.    Make your meat protein choices lean. Stick to lean cuts of red meat and the size to be consumed about the size of a deck of cards. For other meat choices use lean pork, roasted or baked poultry and baked or broiled fish. An excellent choice for fish is Wild Salmon or Albacore Tuna and Sardines. Fish caught in the colder waters contain more of the Omega 3 fatty acids than fish from the warmer latitudes.
6.    Limit your sodium intake. Keep away from such foods as processed meats, canned soups and most fast foods.

C. Move It

1.    We have all been told of the necessity of exercise to maintain or gain a healthy weight to live a better life. It cannot be repeated enough. Your body requires movement to stay healthy.
2.    The higher the intensity of your workouts the more calories you will burn and the more weight you will lose. Even if you are a couch potato you need to get started now. Something as simple as a 10-minute walk twice a day will get you started. Gradually work up to more intensive workouts including resistance training.
3.    If you take your walks outside you will gain the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. To increase your walk intensity, find some low incline hills to walk or if you are using a treadmill raise the incline to 15 degrees. This will burn more calories in the same time frame.
4.    If you have not used resistance training before if it has been some time, start off with simple things like chair or full body squats, push-ups, light free weights and jumping jacks. Don’t forget the potential of the good old-fashioned jump rope that’s hanging in your closet.
5.    Park farther away from the stores in the mall parking lot. Not only will you get more exercise, your car will probably suffer fewer bruises.
6.    Take the stairs rather than the elevator. This has an amazing effect on heart health; it also burns a lot of calories and builds leg muscles.

D. Sleep Weight Off

1.    In recent times sleep research and its effect on weight has come to the forefront of weight loss and management. It has shown that those getting either more or less than the 7 – 8 hours required for adults lost fewer pounds over the same time period.

E. Take Vitamin Supplements

1.    Doctors almost universally recommend the taking of daily vitamin supplement. They are produced in a variety of supplement forms for everything from age related to men and women.
2.    Additional supplements are also frequently suggested such as Vitamin E, C, D and CoQ-10 to name just a few. Please check with your physician for his suggestions on supplements you should be taking.

Five Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips Conclusions:

Many people looking for tips on losing weight, only need to lose 10 or 15 pounds for that special occasion. However, statistics show that over 70% of Americans are obese. Many have the intention of loosing weight but never really get started. Although the reasons for this can be many and varied, maybe some of these quick weight loss tips will provide the motivation to get them started on a more permanent path to weight management.

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